What is UNIRE

UNIRE is the specialised professional trade fair for the value chain of welding and removable and non-removable multi-material joining technologies.

A single event that integrates three dates:

  • UNIRE, the welding and joining technologies trade show

  • The 23rd Technical Conference of CESOL, the Spanish Welding and Joining Technologies Association

  • The 1st UNIRE Welding Competition

UNIRE is a specialised event that aims to:

  • Bring together the ecosystem of companies offering and seeking solutions for materials joining and related technologies
  • Help generate business
  • Foster knowledge exchange
  • Nurture the talent of the future professionals

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The industry is faced with the challenge of improving efficiency and productivity throughout the entire value chain. UNIRE focuses on welding and joining technologies. These operations are an essential part of many aggregate value chains, and they can sometimes account for up to 50% of manufacturing costs.

Welding and joining technologies are present in a huge percentage of industrial products, and their quality is vital to the reliability of the end product.

This is a cross-cutting sector with application in practically all industrial processes, from the automotive, rail, shipbuilding and aerospace sectors to wind power generation and metal transformation, among others.

UNIRE is the ideal place to discover the latest sector developments helping small, medium and large companies to optimise and improve their processes.


Much of Spain’s industry is concentrated in the Basque Country. The area is characterised by a powerful industrial culture, and welding and other joining technologies are important processes in its local industries. It also has state-of-the-art technology centres and cutting-edge researchers and organisations working to boost industry, research and training in systems and technologies.

UNIRE aspires to become the specialist hub for welding and joining technologies that will bring together welding service user companies from the northern half of Spain and other highly industrialised areas in the rest of the country.

Ficoba’s cross-border scope also makes the UNIRE trade show an excellent meeting point for supplier companies and potential customers from South West France.